Our Services

Lawn Maintenance

Our crew goes out daily to cut commercial properties, as well as residential properties around Tillsonburg & Woodstock. Our whole team takes great pride in the work that our lawn crew does, no lot is too big or too small for them to complete.

Snow Plowing

As a premier snow removal contractor in Tillsonburg, we have been hailed for our timely services across town. When snow reaches 2 inches, our crew goes out to start their job as early as needed. We use different types of equipment for snow removal and salt application, such as heavy duty trucks with plows, two front end loaders, skid steers, a salting truck, and shovelers. We plow and shovel both residential and commercial properties.

Concrete Cutting/Drilling

Concrete cutting has been a major proponent in the list of services we offer. Our concrete cutter has years of experience with all sorts of different projects, no matter if it’s something as small as an egress window, or large dock bay doors in a warehouse. We have the tools and equipment to fit all job requirements.

Small Engine Repair

Our shop is outfitted for any type of engine or machine you may need fixed. If it has a motor, we can fix it!

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